“When the days of the Messiah will get close, even little children shall find the secrets of wisdom, and will understand the calculations [of redemption], and at that time it will be revealed to all”(Zohar VaYera)

Remark: please be awared that the Tanach (Old-Testemant) verses given here are translated tightly according to the Hebrew literal meaning, in order to understand the true meaning of the verses, unlike some non-Jewish translation to the Bible, which can change the whole verse meaning.

On October 13th 2003, Babylon has completed 70 years, since its independece, according to the civil date. As remembered, Jermiah’s prophecy that was interperted by prophet Daniel says that

“when Babylon will complete 70 years, I shall attend to you and will fulfill my good prophecies” (Jermiah 29)

And it was interperted in the Talmud that the original Babylon did not complete 70 years, since it was conquered by Darius within its 70th year (see Rashi’s commenary on Taanith 12 page 1, which starts with “Another year to Babylon”). Since then no independant state existed in the area of Babylon until the establishement of current Iraq, that completed 70 years on October 13th. [for more details, see the old ‘year signs’ pageon this site], and we expect the prophecy will be fulfilled within this year.

However, since we [the Jews in Israel] might now face an Iraqi missile attack, that causes many fears in the public, some people familiar with this prophecy might became doubtful. So, in this page we will bring ASTONISHING proofs of the fullfilment of Jermiah’s mentioned prophecy, and we will show that the war with Iraq is actually the strongest support to the fulfillment of the prophecy (Clues 1 thtough 6 deal with the ‘seventy years’ prophecy proofs)

Furthermore, we will ultimately proof from various sources, hundreds and thousands years old, that this time period IS EXACTLY the period of redemption (clues 7 and above deal with other prophecies that lead exactly to the same time period).

No matter who you are, you are sure to be impacted by this page. You be the judge:

This page includes the following `clues`:


  • Proofs about the ‘seventy years’ prophecy and the fall of Iraq as signs of redemption:
  • Other prophecies which lead to the same time of the ‘seventy years’ prophecy, based on totally different events:
Clue 1: The Midrash also asks, why the prophecy hasn’t yet been fulfilled

The Midrash-Rabah of the Song-of-Songs (parasha 3), shows, quite amazingly, a similar situation to the current: 70 years of the Babylonian independce have passed, but Jermiah’s good prophecy that was supposed to be fulfilled on the completion of the 70 years, was still unfulfilled. The people of Israel go the the prophet Daniel and ask him why wasn’t the prophecy fulfilled. Prophet Daniel’s reaction is amazing. This is the Midrash commenary:


“On my bed in the nights” (song of songs 3:1) : This is the night of Babylon

“I have searched for the one which I love in my soul” : This is Daniel.

…At the same time all of Israel gathered by Daniel and told him:

“Our Rabbi Daniel, All the bad and tough prophecies that Jermiah foresaw came on us, and one good prophecy that he foresaw about us: ‘When Babylon will complete seventy year’ (Jermiah 29) still had not come”

He answered: “Bring me the book of Isiah”.

He began reading until reaching this verse: “A vision of an ocean-desert as desert storms” (Isiah 21) …

The situation that is described in the above Midrash is amazingly similar to the current situation, where the seventy years of Babylon-Iraq have been completed, but Jermiah’s good prophecy is still unfulfilled, although ALL the bad prophecies about the Jewish people have already been fulfilled(Actually, only in our time we may say that ALL the bad prophecies were fulfilled, after all of the Jewish troubles in the diaspora, including the late terrible Holocaust)

Prophet Daniel’s reaction is surprising. He tells them to bring him the book of Isiah, and he begins to read it until he reaches the verse “A vision of an ocean-desert as desert storms” (Isiah 21). This chapter in Isiah describes Babylon’s fall in the past (at the time of Medes and Persia) and also in the future (as the ancient Yonathan translation says on verse 9: Babylon had fallen, and will fall again in time to come)

In other words, when prophet Daniel is asked about the fulfillment of the good propehcy of what will happen when seventy years for Babylon, he answers them: You should wait for the fall of Babylon!!!

But in that time this was not an available possibility, since at that time when 70 years passed since the independence of original Babylon, Babylon was already fallen!!! So what fall should they wait for?! Also, at that time Daniel has already recieved prophecies (as described in the book of Daniel), that told him that redemption is far away.

So we should understand that this Midrash, as many other parts of the Midrash and the Talmud, gives as clues about our time, where Babylon-Iraq had already completed 70 years, but we didn’t begin to see the light. So, the Midrash explains by the name of prophet Daniel, that we simply need to wait a little more for fall of Babylon-Iraq. And, whooops, “by accident” the Iraqi regime is going to be fallen very soon, in an attack which should occupy Babylon-Iraq, and will create a puppet-regime for the US as it was made in Afghanistan.

Another amazing thing, is the verse which prophet Daniel read from Isiah about the fall of Babylon: “A vision of an ocean-desert as desert storms” (Rashi: this prophecy is about Babylon). The first association that comes to one’s mind when he reads “desert storms” is: “Desert Storm“, the American name for the Gulf-war. So the prophecy says that the fall of Babylon-Iraq will come as desert storms, which means that it will be similar to “desert storm”, only that in a bigger magnitude. Amazing!

The Midrash continues to commentate on that chapter in Isiah, when reaching verse 4 this is what the Midrash says:

…”The night which I longed for, He made it a fear and terror for me(Isiah 21:4): The night which my soul desired, the time of redemption, He made it a fear and terror for me.

Meaning, the Midrash says that the time of redemption itself will be a time of fear and terror, as we see as the time of the attack over Iraq is neare, fears grow in the Jewish Israeli public.

However, it is more important how this Midrash concludes:

…Rabbi Yehoshua ben Levi said:
So said HaShem(G_d): I will bring destruction to the daughter of Babylon in the time to come, and although Daniel asked mercy for it, as it is written: “and pay for your sins in charity”(Daniel 4)I will not hear his words. Why? “Our savior: HaShem Tzeva’ot(G_d)is his name”(Isiah 47)

Which means that the Midrash itself says that it talks about the destruction of Babylon at the time to come, meaning our time!

By the way, the original Babylon was fallen and occupied by Darius (as written in the book of Daniel and in Midrash of the time order). The familiar chapter 137 in Psalms “By the rivers of Babylon” discusses the revenge of Babylon at the end of times: “Oh, the robbing daughter-of-Babylon, happy will be the one who will repay you for what you paid for us. Happy will be the one whowill holdandshatteredyour infants to the rock“. Pay attention: the Hebrew text uses both future (will hold) and past (shattered), as it were the same one who did it in the past, will also do it in the future. And the ancient commentary of the Metzudoth says:

“Oh, the robbing daughter-of-Babylon, that will be ended being robbed by Darius of Medes”

Which means, that also according the the Metzudoth, he who shattered in the past, will also do it in the future, and this is “Darius”. And the holy Zohar (book of Splendor) had already said that it time to come HaSehem (G_d) will bring to life (meaning reincarnation) the kings of ancient history (Zohar Exodus pg. 58). So who is today’s Darius? We know that hints to the reincarnations of people can be found in the Gimatriya (Hebrew numbering) of their names. And if you check the Hebrew numbering you will be amazed to see that:

Darius equals 520, exactly as “George Bush” !!!


Clue 2: Holy Rashi explains the exact timing of redemption

Habbakkuk (2:3) brings this prophecy about the time when the Messiah will come:

“Since there is another vision for the time talking about the End Time and will not be false. If it will be delayed wait for him, because he will come and won’t be late”

This prophecy is a basis for the belief of every Jew in the Messiah, as it was been written in the Jewish prayer books for thousands of years. The plain meaning of the words is also clear: even if the time of the Messiah will come and he’ll be delayed, wait for him, because he will come and not be delayed too much.

But Holy Rashi commentates in a much detailed manner. About the phrase “there is another vision for the time”, he writes:

“A prophet will rise after Habbakuk(later Rashi explains that this is Jermiah), which he will be revealed a vision when will be thetime of the fall of Babylon and the redemption of Israel“.

Read carefully: Rashi says clearly that the redemption of Israel will come at the time of the fall of Babylon, which is Iraq

About the expression “talking about the End Time” Rashi says:

“And He said that He will tell him about the End Time which relates to Babylon:‘When Babylon will complete seventy years’(Jermiah 29)“.

Which means that Rashi says the the End Time and the redemption will be when Babylon will complete 70 years! But Rashi lived thousands of years after the fall of ancient Babylon, so what sense there is in his commentary?!

Only, that Holy Rashi knew then what we understand today: that we should’ve been waiting to the end of seventy years of another Babylon, which is Iraq.

Rashi continues and says that if you see that the time of the fall of Bablyon is being delayed after the seventy years, this is a good sign and it means that you should wait for ‘him’. The logic in his words is, that ancient Babylon fell BEFORE completing seventy years, so although seventy years passed, and Babylon fell, redemption didn’t come. But if you see that seventy years have passed and Babylon is not yet fallen, this is a sign that after it will fall – redemption will come!

And Rashi concludes:

This is what HaShem(G_d)told Habakkuk: The vision is already written in the Torah (Pentateuch), but it is vague. So you, add more and explain beyond the tablets”

Which means that the prophecy for this final redemption is already written in the Holy Torah (Deuteronomy 30), but the timing is unclear. So Habakkuk added more information to cross with the same Torah prophecy to explain it.

And we can almost say with no doubt that the verse in Deuteronomy 30 that talks about the timing is verse 4 which says: “If any of you will be in the edge of the sky“, which also, as you will see if you read further (clue 7), exactly coincide with the current time period, and as the Holy Zohar explains.

Clue 3: Redemption timing according to `Da’ath Zqenim’

Leviticus (25:29) says:

“And a man, if he sells his house-of-residence a walled-city, his redemption shall be until the end of the year which he was sold days will be his redemption”

The Midrash (Tanhuma) and top Jewish commentators interpret this verse about the final redemption. And these are the words of the `Da’ath Zqenim` (of the Ba’aley haTosfoth):

And a man, if he sells his house-of-residence a walled-city: ‘A man’ means HaShem(G_d), as it is written “HaShem(G_d)is a man of war” (Exodus 15:3), and he sold his house-of-residence to the Chaldeans, as it is written “HaShem(G_d)choosed Zion in passion to be his residence” (Psalms 132:13).

his redemption shall be until the end of the year which he was sold: as it is written “when Babylon will complete 70 years I shall attend to you” (Jermiah 29) !

So we see, that also according to the Daa’th Zqenim it is being ultimately cleared that the final redemption is “when Babylon will complete 70 years”.

Clue 4: Redemption timing according the MALBI”M

In his commentary to Isiah, the Malbi”m says:

“My Salvation is near, it will not be delayed” (Isiah 46:13): The Salvation is that HaShem(G_d)will atone the sins of Israel, and will consider their rights is near, and thus “My Salvation” will not be delayed, since it will come by charity,as also the Salvation has a known time: “when Babylon will complete 70 years I shall attend to you”(Jermiah 29)

Which means that also according to the Malbi”m, the time of the final redemption is “when Babylon will complete 70 years”.

Clue 5: Metzudoth says: Redemption at the fall of Babylon-Iraq

In his commentary of prophet Micah, the Metzudoth writes this:

As when the fall of Babylon will come, you [Israel] will be set free without any help of any of the non-Jewish kings.

And here is another ancient commentator which relates the redemption of Israel to the fall of Babylon- Iraq, and it is clear that he is not talking about the ancient Babylon, since then the return to Zion and the building of the 2nd temple was according to the decree of Koresh king of Persia, but here he says clearly that this redemption will come with no help from non-Jews kings, which means that he is talking of the near redemption which is related to the fall of another Babylon, and it is clear that it is Iraq.

Clue 6: the RADAK removes all the doubts about redemption timing

If someone still has any doubts, see how the RADAK wipes them all. This is his amazing commentary for Isiah 43:19:

“I am making something new”(Isiah 43:19): I am making a new wonder, refering to the gathering of all the Jews and Israelites from the diaspora (Kibbutz Galuyoth).

“You are familiar with it”: You are familiar with this Salvation from before because it is written in the Torah of Moses, as it is written at Deuteronomy 30: “And HaShem(G_d)will bring you back and will have mercy on you and will gather you from all the nations… If any of you will be in the edge of the sky from there HaShem(G_d)will gather you…”.And this was not written about the Babylonian diaspora,because they still were not scattered in all of the nations, and also the lost ten Israelite tribes did not return to the land of Israel, only some of the Babylonian Jewish diaspora returned at that time. Furthermore, it was said that they should repent to HaShem(G_d)with their whole sole and heart, and those who came back from Babylon did not repent this way, since among them were desecrators of the Sabbath and also people who married non-Jewish wives(which the Torah forbids)And what was written in the book of Jermiah “when Babylon will complete 70 years“, and he said “you will ask for me and you will find me“, he talked aboutBOTHdiasporas (Jewish and Israelite).

Which means that the Radak explains and sharply prooves to everybody: Make no mistake – the prophecy “when Babylon will complete 70 years” is about the Final Redemption, when both diasporas will be gathered to the land of Israel, the ten Israelite tribes diaspora and the Judea (Jewish) diaspora. This is the biggest proof, comming from a leading ancient Jewish commentator.

Also, the Radak brings verses from Deuteronomy 30 that talks about the timing of the same Salvation that will come when Babylon will complete 70 years. These verses talk about: “If any of you will be in the edge of the sky“, which also, as you will see if you read further (clue 7), exactly coincide with the current time period, and as the Holy Zohar explains.

Clue 7: the timing: ‘if any of you will be in the edge of the sky’

The Holy Zohar (book of Spledor) in Parashath Ki-Tissa page 188 says:


Rabbi Yossey opened and said:

They will be shamed all of those who are against you(Isiah 41:11). HaShem(G_d)will fulfill in the time to come all the good prohecies that he gave by the true prophets… Rabbi iya said: Surely this is right, and everything depends in repentance.

And if you will say that they can now all as one awake in repantance – they can’t, because it is written: “Whenallof these things will come upon you…(Deu. 30)and it is written “and you will repent with all your heart in the nations where you were scattered(there)and it is written “and you will repent to HaShem(G_d)your G_d..(there)and then: “if any of you will be in the edge of the sky from there you will be gathered…(there). Until all of these things are fulfilled, there’s no possibility to awake repantance (that will lead to the final redemption)

And he who reads and understands the things that are written here, may not believe what great amazing sign is given to us by the Holy Zohar about the near redemption:

The Holy Zohar explains that HaShem (G_d) will fulfill at the end time all the good prophecies for the people of Israel, and explains that it depends in repentance. But the Zohar explains that not at any time repentance that will bring redemption could be made. There is a need in the fulfillment of certain verses from Deuteronomy 30 in a certain order:

1) “When all of these things will come upon you…”: which means that the people of Israel should have suffer as-VeShalom) all the bad prophecies written in Deuteronomy, which were ratified by the true prophets. And as we have seen throughout Jewish history in the diaspora, and in the last generations with the terrible Holocaust, and also nowadays when everywhere hatred and violence is used against Jews everywhere.

2) “and you will repent with all your heart in the nations where you were scattered”: which means that the people of Israel should be scattered in all the nations (which did not happen in the Babylonian diaspora)

3) “and you will repent to HaShem(G_d)your G_d..”: a process of repantance will begin in the people of Israel, as we can see, Baruch HaShem, nowadays, a process of repantance in huge numbers which has never been in the people of Israel since they bacame a nation!

4) “and then”, so writes the Zohar, only then -according to the Holy Zohar- the final sign for the redemption will be given, and it is: “if any of you will be in the edge of the sky from there you will be gathered…”

Dear people of Israel !

It is unbelievable but it is true ! This sign is going to happen exactly in this year!!!

What “the edge of the sky” means? Commenator Abraham Ibn Ezra writes: “against the Land of Israel” which means in front of it, from above the Land of Israel. But there’s no exile and no diaspora in the sky?! And if we say it talks about airplanes, the verse says “in edge of the sky” and not “in the sky”.

Only that soon the first Israeli astronaut is about to fly to space(in the spaceshuttle Columbia), and his main mission in space is above the Land of Israel (meteorological study), in a flight that is being postponed time after another, so many times (for about a year now), in a manner that can drive some people crazy. Now, after the launch of the first Israeli astronaut to space, the prophect of”if any of you will be in the edge of the sky” will be fulfilled (as it was written anyand not some. And only then can the repantance bring the final Redemption and Salvation.

[BTW: this astronaut is about to fly to space with a Mezuzah and a Silver Finger for reading Torah. Also he consulted some major Rabbis about keeping the Sabbath in space, although he says that he is not religous]

And now we see that this sign coincides perfecrtly with the sign of fall of Babylon-Iraq after completing 70 years. Can someone call this coincidence?! A verse written in the time of the desert, more than three thousand years ago, is going to be fulfilled now! TRULY AMAZING!

but wait, there’s more:

Clue 8: the timing: ‘A year after the high towers will fall’

The Holy Zohar (at Exodus pg. 8) discusses a situation when one day in “the Big City” a thunderlike sound will cause the falling of high towers, and smoke will darken the whole area (as it happened in the past when the Temple was destroyed) so much, that people will be unable to see the sun at noon. This event will cause a feeling of helplessness all over the world. During 12 months since this event, the nations’ leaders will try to extriminate Israel and (Has-VeShalom) will succeed (keep in mindthe opinionthat the lost ten Israelite tribes are in Afghanistan). After a year, a period will begin that will end when the revenge of HaShem (G_d) will begin and the Messiah will be revealed.

These are the words of the Zohar:


…The sun will be darken at noon, as it was darkened in the day of the destruction of the Temple, and the sky and the land will not be visible. And one sound will be awakened in thunder and sparks, and the land will be horrified from the sound, and many big ones and strong ones will die because of it.

In that same day exactly a flame of fire will be awakened in the Big City, in that sound that will be awakened in the whole world, and willburn towers and big-places(‘Hechalot’), andsome towers shall fall, and some ministers and rulers will fall that day, and they will all gather upon it for bad. And all of the world cannot be rescued.

From that day until 12 months, all the kings will consult and will make attempts againsts the people of Israel, and will succeed, as we have learned:Happy is the one who will be then(at the days of the Messiah), and Happy is the one who will not be then. And all the world will be in great confusion.

After 12 months, there will come a tribe of Israel, which is the Messiah King, which will be awakened in the (spiritual) Garden-of-Eden, and all the righteous will crown him there, and will arm him with weapons with written letters of the holy name tools.

And a sound will explode in the branches of the trees in the Garden and reads out loudly: Get-up the `saints of the highest`(a nick name for Israel), rise before the Messiah. The time has come to join the women (Israel) and her husband (HaShem (G_d), and her husband wants to revenge for her revenges all over the world, and to get her on her feet and shake her from ashes. Afterwards, they will all get-up etc.

So, this means we’re talking about 12 months, which means a year after the Sep11th attack or after the begining of the war in Afghanistan (Oct 7th), which means this was around the new Hebrew year of 5763. After that time, according to the Holy Zohar’s prophecy we should expect revenge from HaShem (G_d)[the first revenge is of-course from Babylon] and then the preparation for the final redemption and revelation of the Messiah King.

Amazingly, this prophecy is fits exactly to the time period of all previous prophecies in this page, and the date that only after it we should expect revenge (Sep-02) and preperation to the revelation of the Messiah is almost identical to the date when Babylon-Iraq completed seventy years (Oct-02).

And if you look deeper in this prophecy, you’ll be amazed to see that the destruction of the twin towers of the world trade center, and the pentagon that was viewed all over the world, is by itself a sign for the time of redemption (as mentioned above), as it is written clearly and sharply in the words of the Holy Zohar written almost 2000 years ago!!

Clue 9: the timing: in year 5763

This part cannot be translated to English. In short, it’s well known that the verse of Genesis 2:1 which is said in the Sabbath Kidush every week (“VaYachulu HaShamayim VeHa’aretz”) contains the secret of the redemption timing. In the Hebrew site you will see how the mystery about this verse unfolds with great simplicity, according to the Midrash-Rabah, the words of Haham Yosef Hayim z.z.u.k.l. and the Talmud. Since this is simple, but is based on Hebrew letters and Hebrew numbers, it will not be translated.

Clue 10: the timing according to the Talmud

As known, the Talmud gives us clear signs for the time when Messiah son-of-David will come.

The clear sign of the timing is: ‘At the Motzaey Shvi’ith year, the son-of-David will come’, and the year of 5762 (last year which ended on Sep/02) was a “Motzaey Shvi’it” year.

But in the same page, the Talmud brings another sign: “The son-of-David will not come – – until they will lose hope for redemption”. But this is ackward, If the Messiah will come at the “Motzaey Shvi’it” year, so everyone waits in this year (as it was throught history, every 7 years), so how can you say that they will lose hope for redemption, and then he’ll come?

And the possible explanation is: When the “Motzaey Shvi’it” year will pass, then you might think that the time of redemption has passed, and then (Has-VeShalom) they might lose hope for redemption, and will say: the time has passed, but the son of David did not come. And then – says the Talmud – with this loss of hope, the Messiah, son of David will come.

And that’s yet another sign leading us to the same timing.

Clue 11: Balaam’s Prophecy

The Midrash (Yalkut Bracha Remez 966) says about the verse “and there was no prophet as Moses in Israel anymore” (Deu. 34) the following: “In Israel there wasn’t but in the nation of the world there was, and who is it: it is Balaam son of Beor“.

The Talmud (Brachoth 7) explains that the only virtue that he had in prophecy is these words that were written upon him on: “and knows the mind of the Highest” (Numbers 24). And Rabenu Baye (a top ancient commentator) explained (in Num. 24) that Balaam “knows what in the mind of the Highest G_d to do in the end of times”. He continues: “and this is such as ‘Day of revenge is in My heart’ (Isiah 63) that our Rabbis Z.L. (in the Midrash) said: the heart did not reveal to the mouth”

The Midrash that Rabenu Baye brings talks about the fact that the day of revenge and redemption is covered. The Midrash says: If someone tells you when the end of redemption comes, do not believe, as it’s written ‘day of revenge is in My heart’, the heart didn’t tell the mouth, how can the mouth tell anyone.

But according to Rabenu Baye we understand that the only virtue in prophecy the Balaam had was, that he knew just that!

Now that we understand the importance of his prophecy (otherwise why should his prophecy be written in the Holy Torah anyway), let us read how his prophecy ends (Num. 24:23-24)

…and [Balaam] said: Oh for he who will live when HaShem(G_d)will make it:

And navys from the hand of Kitim will come and will torture Ashur (Assyria), and will torture Eber, and they are also destined to be perished”

All the ancient commentators (includeing ancient Aramic translations) explain these verses at the same spirit, here is an outline of their words:


  • Oh for he who will … : The Midrash says: “Rabbi Yoanan says: Oh for the nation that will exist when HaShem (G_d) will bring redemption for his sons.
  • And navys from the hand of Kitim: Big ships sent by Romans (Unkelus and Yonatan tranlations). And we already know that the meaning of Romans in Jewish literature is Christians.
  • And will torture Ashur: They will fight against and torture Ashur. Ashur is in the area of modern Iraq and Iran, and Unkelus translation clearly says that it will be near the river of Perath.
  • And will torture Aber:Da`ath Zqenim explains that Aber means the people of Israel, and the meaning is probably that the Christians will torture the “Ashurians” and the “Ashurians” will torture (Has VeShalom) the people of Israel back.
  • and they are also destined to be perished: Also they (the Christian reign) will be perished forever. And all of this will be at the days of the Messiah King.

And here we see that a prophecy more than 3000 years old, from the times when the people of Israel were in the desert of Sinay, tells in details what’s going to happen at the end of times. We’ll now summarize the propehcy:

Christians armies from the Christian superpower[=Americans]will arrive in big ships[=war ships and carriers]to the area of Ashur[=Iraq, Iran]will fight them and will cause them severe damage. As a result, Ashur[=Iraq, Iran]will cause tortures(Has VeShalom)to the people of Israel(=Missile attack? Terror?). But eventually not only will Ashur be perished but also the Christian superpower, and the reign will go over to the Messiah King and the people of Israel.

And once again we see another prophecy that relates the redemption of Israel to the fall of Babylon-Iraq, and fits exactly with all mentioned above prophecies.

Clue 12: Rivers shall rise

On the eve of year 5763 we witnessed many rivers floods all over the world in the same time, in a manner that is not remembered for hundreds of years, and they all flooded together (Elba in Germany, Danube in Slovakia, and also floods in Hungary, Woltowa in Prague, Berpatura in northeast India, rivers in Bangladesh, Dong-Ting iin center China, south France and the Makong in Vietnam, almost all in the same time

One of the signs for when the Messiah will come is given in the Talmud (Sanhedrin 98:1): “If you see a time when many troubles come as a river, wait for him [for the Messiah]”. Also psalms 93 in tight translation to English says: “HaShem (G_d) has reigned, he wore high tide“. Also the rest of the chapter speaks about rivers’ tide before the reign of HaShem.

Clue 13: the book of Daniel : the civil year of 2003 ?

To the question “until when” the troubles of Israel and diaspora etc, the angel answer prophet Daniel (Daniel 8:14)

And he told me: until the eve of morning of two thousands and three `hundreds`…

Now from the end of the book of Daniel we understand that the times in the book are coded, and will be revealed at the end of times.

We can now see something very interesting. The word `hundreds` in Hebrew (me’ot) has two meanings. One is, of-course, “hundreds”, and the other is “from a sign”

The Midrash (Tanhuma) explains the mentioned verse from Daniel this way: When the morning of the world-nations will become evening. So we understand that we are talking about a time that relates to the world-nations, not Jews.

Now we can see clearly and read the verse correctly:


And he told me: until the eve of morning of two thousands and three from a sign…

And the ‘sign’ of the world-nations is clearly the birth of Yesh”u of Nazzerath.

Clue 14: the implementation of smart bombs

Jermiah 50:9 says:

“For I am awakening and bringing on Babylon big nations from the land of the North and they will fight her, and from there she will be trapped: his arrows as an intellegent hero, will not be wasted”

The Malbi”m (lived about 200yrs ago) explains the expression “his arrows as an intellegent hero”:


“The arrows of the [Babylon’s] enemy will seem as if they have brains, and they will come by themselves to the target, and will not be wasted, like a here who has brains”.


And this commentary is super-astonishing!!! About 200 years ago the Malbi”m explains the propehcy of thousands years ago, which says taht the enemy of Babylon will have “smart” weapons that can reach the target by themselves!!! How could these smart bombs and guided missiles been forseen hundreds and thousands of years ago?! And pay attention: the prophecy indicates that the massive use of this

bobms will be agains Babylon-Iraq. Now if this is not astonishing, what is ?!!

There are many more amazing clues. All you have to do is open a Tanach (Old-Testament) and read!