One of the interesting subjects is the clue of ben-Laden: a very similar name, too similar, appears various times in Jewish writings.

The book of Isiah

The book of Isiah, as we know, is a book of prophecies. Nevertheless we find in this book passages that seems like historic events, of matters that happened long time ago. One of this description is of the disease of King Hezekiah. Isiah 38-39 seems to describe the same event earlier described in 2 Kings 20. But there are significant differences

And why is that important?

Well, the Talmud says at Sanhedrin 94A: “HaShem(G-d) thought to make Hezekiah the Messiah and Sanheriv (the Assyrian king) Gog and Magog“. So what the Talmud really implying is that the prophecies in Isiah about Hezekiah, although seems as a historic story, they are actually prophecies about the Messiah at the time of Gog and Magog.

And here we see, at Isiah 38-39, it is written:


“And Hezekiah had said: What is the sign that I shall go up the house of HaShem?

At that time MerodachBeladan ben Beladan (so the name appears in Hebrew)…”

So amazingly the name of Ben Laden is written almost explicitly in the Bible. And although “BELADEN” is close enough to “ben-Laden”, the prophet adds “ben Beladen” – which means surely – ben Laden.

And what do we learn of this prophecy?

King Hezekiah asks a sign from HaShem that he would know when he can go to the Temple. If we will interpret this by what the Talmud said above, the question would be: What is the sign when the temple will be rebuilt and the Messiah will go there?

The answer is astonishing: “At that time: … Beladen ben Beladen”. The time when ben Laden is in the headlines – is the sign that the Messiah and the third Temple are near. Very near.

ben Laden and Anthrax

When we read this verse from Isiah 39 (we’re sticking to the Hebrew literal meaning) :


“At that time, Merodach Beladen ben-Beladen, king of Babylon sent letters and packages to Hezekiah, and he have heard that he got sick, and he became stronger”


Now, what do we have here. Ben-Beladen is sending letters and packages to “Hezekiah” (Hezekiah in Hebrew means: strong), that might represent this time the strong superpower, and after he sends the letters, he hears that Hezekiah got sick (as a result of the letters…), and as a result – he (ben Beladen) becomes stronger. This is explicitly the literal meaning of the verse in Hebrew. AMAZING !

Not only that, but also the Midrash (in several places) talks about the letters. The letters contained the following content:

Peace for King Hezekiah

Peace for Jerusalem

Peace for the Great G-d

And that’s interesting since, as we said before, King Hezekiah in that case is parallel to the US (strong superpower), Jerusalem obviously means Israel.

Now read the lines that appears in the anthrax letters (on the right. See more of them here).

They all end this way:

Death to America

Death to Israel

Al-ah is Great

The same parallelism is kept, amazingly, only “peace” becomes “death” (as it should – since the Midrash talks of a ben Beladen that HaShem had given him a dynasty to rule Babylon and to destroy the Temple. The ben Laden of today will be destroyed himself, as Babylon will, and the temple would be rebuilt).


Rashi: the amazing timing

Holy RASHI in his commentaries on Beladen in the Bible writes:


[Beladen] was used to eat at “three hours” to the day, and to sleep until nine [hours].


What’s so amazing? The timing. Rashi actually tells us that Beladen’s meal time is the third hour, and afterwards he is going to sleep. Every religious Jew knows what is “three hours to the day”, because the time of reading “Shema Israel” in the morning is also “three hours to the day”. This is a time that is calculated 3 hours from sunshine (actually HANETZ HA-HAMA), as the Gaon of Vilna established.

Again, what’s so amazing?

Well, the end of the time to read “Shema Israel” in the west coast (i.e. “3 hrs to the day”) at the day of the attack was 9:43 exactly when the third plane crashed over the pentagon (see CNN for the timings).

Nevertheless: the beginning of the 3rd hour, the hour when ben Beladen “eats” was at 8:44. Exactly the time when the attack had started.

According to this writing, after 9:43 Ben Beladen is “asleep”, so we saw that the 4th plane attempt to strike an American target failed – because it was after the third hour.


The Zohar and the Talmud

Both the Zohar (preface 6) and the Talmud (at Sanhedrin 96) has interesting things to say about this Beladen. The Zohar says things implying to the striking of two buildings that reach the sky, and implying that this will happen in the Diaspora (out of Israel) and by a river (both Manhattan and the Pentagon are by rivers, as known). Both the Talmud and the Zohar are talking of Beladen being a dog (Zohar) or resembling a dog (Talmud). Interestingly, the Talmud discusses ben- Beladen at the pages that the Latter Days are discussed.

These matters are covered extensively in the Hebrew version of the site. Here we just summarized it, because of the extent of the material.