And the Ishmaelites shall rule the holy land, at the time when it is empty, for a long time, as their circumcision is empty, and not whole(Moslems only remove the prepuce (ORLA). Jews have another stage for the Brith called PRIAA), and they shall prevent the Israelites from returning to their homeland(Since the beginning of Jewish immigration to Israel, Arabs used violence against the Jews, wars and terror attacks. This still prevents the majority of Jews which is in the Diaspora to make Aliyah to Israel)until that privilege of the Ishmaelites will expire.

And the Ishamelites shall ignite big wars in the world, until they will make the Edomites(which are Christians by Jewish tradition)gather to a war against them.

And shall make wars: one on the sea, one in land and (one) near Jerusalem. And those shall rule over those. And the holy land will not be handed over to the Edomites(Christians)

At that time, one people will be awaken from the end of the world to the big sinful city, and there he will ignite a war that will last three months. And peoples will gather there, and will fall in his hands.

Until all the Edomites(Christians)will gather on him (from all the ends of the world). Then HaShem(G-d)will be awakened on them.

This is the meaning of the writing(Isiah 34,6): “For HaShem has a sacrifice in Bossrah” etc. and at the end of it, it says(Job 38,13): “to take hold of the ends of the earth”

And shall destroy the Ishamelites from us, and will break all the armies of Above, and there shall not remain any army Above for a people of the world, except for the army of Israel exclusively.

This is the meaning of the writing(Psalms 121,5): “HaShem(G-d)is your shadow on your right hand”, because the holy name is in the(spiritual)right side, and the Torah is also in the(spiritual)right side. Therefore all depends on the right side.

And we have learnt orally: He who come to pray, will put his right hand over his left hand, as it was established in Jewish Halacha.

At the Latter Days(Psalms 60): “Deliver your right and answer me”, and at that time it is written(Zefaniah 3): “For then I shall turn to peoples in a clear language, all to call the name of HaShem(G-d), to worship him together”. And it is written(Zechariah 14): “And HaShem(G-d)shall be the King of all the land, on that day HaShem(G-d)will be one, and his name will be one”.

HaShem shall be blessed for ever, Amen and Amen.