Many signs were given to the year of the redemption. They all came true. This page brings the main signs from various sources.


One of the bothering things about the prediction of the exact year is this: Most calculations are based on Gimatriya (calculating letters as numbers), and on other signs, that although you can surely know that the signs did occur, you still have doubts. There must be a prophecy that not only implies, and not only has Midrash, but has a simple literal meaning, that will convince anyone, even the doubtful among us.


This prophecy is given by Jermiah.


Jermiah’s prophecy: the exact year

One of the most interesting prophecies, which states an exact year for the ultimate redemption was given by the prophet of the Temple’s destruction, prophet Jermiah.
On Jermiah 29, 10, the following prophecy is given:
“For thus says HaShem (G-d): After Babylon will complete its 70th year, I shall attend to you and I shall fulfill my good prophecies to bring you back to this place”
The verse says that after the 70th year of Babylon the ultimate redemption will take place, and all the good prophecies for the people of Israel will take place.
BUT the original Babylon did not reach its 70th year! It was conquered on its 69th year (See RASHI’s commentary at Daniel 9,2 and in the Talmud on Taanit page 12). And as we know – the good prophecies were not fulfilled.
Since then Babylon was conquered again and again over history (by Persians, Paratys, Greeks, Romans, Paratys again, Persians again, Islamic Empire, Mongols, Turks and finally English). The next time that the area of Babylon became independent was with the independence of IRAQ at October 1932.
On October 2002, Iraq completed its 70th year. This is the year when, by Jermiah, the ULTIMATE redemption will come. This year is almost completely parallel to the Hebrew year of 5763, which by many other signs is the year of ULTIMATE redemption.
The doubts have went away. It is now known for sure. 5763 is the year of redemption.
So simple.
(In the Hebrew version of the site we gave a big explanation of the prophecy)


The Talmud at ‘Sanhedrin’

The Babylonian Talmud at Sanhedrin 97A states:
[Messiah] son of [King] David comes when…
  • In the Sixth year to Shmita (as was 5760) there shall be voices
  • In the year of Shmita (as was 5761) wars shall occur
  • In the year to follow the Shmita (as is 5762) – son of David shall come!
RASHI in his commentaries on the Talmud said, that “there shall be voices” means that in that year everyone will say that the Messiah is coming. The year of 5760 (TASHA”S) was a year that most of the Jewish orthodox religious community thought that the Messiah will arrive in, by various calculations. They were wrong – but the prophecy of the Talmud was fulfilled.
At the year of the Shmita, with the exact start of it in Rosh HaShana, the Arabs in the Land of Israel started a bloody intifada against the Jews in Israel, with many terrorist attacks, lynches of citizens and soldiers in an indescribable manner, and actual war in the Arab controlled areas. Exactly as RASHI commentary: “In the Shmita wars shall occur: wars between non-Jews and Israel”.
Therefore – the year to follow the Shmita, which is 5762, is the year when the Messiah will come, but not yet revealed. He will only be revealed, as the Talmud states (in the same place): “The Messiah will not come until the people will be despaired that the redemption did not come”, which is the situation in 5763.
The Talmud continues to give signs. Now signs of the generation of the Messiah.
In the Hebrew version of the site, this part is discussed in length. Here is a short summary. This is a compilation of both the source and the commentary of the Talmud, to simplify the matter:
Rabbi Yehuda says, in the generation of the son of David:
  • People shall talk about gender matters wherever they gather.
  • The water in the Sea of Galillee (Kinneret) shall be diminished.
  • People shall despise the holy Jewish books
  • People shall despise the Jewish orthodox community
  • The truth shall be absent
  • Those who shall repent shall be considered idiots
Rabbi Nehorai says, in the generation of the son of David:
  • Young people shall shame the eldest
  • Old people shall stand to respect young people
  • Daughter will be against her mother, and daughter-in-law to her mother-in- law
  • The face of the generation shall be as a face of a dog
  • The son is not ashamed of his deeds in the face of his father
Rabbi Nehemia says, in the generation of the son of David:
  • Impudence (HUTZPA) shall become greater
  • The expensiveness shall become higher
  • And the rulers shall become against the Jewish tradition
There are many more signs. All were fulfilled. Most of these signs are talking about the Jewish community in Israel and abroad (suc